Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trade Talk!

Soo it's the offseason for the NBA and many teams are looking to create a dynamic force like the looks of Miama with their big three leading them to a well deserved NBA title.  I do go hard for Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.. . . so now since our 2011-2012 shortened basketball season is over, I'm sure everyone is looking forward to a full 82 game 2012-2013 season!  And with that its going to be much harder and much tougher. . . some teams looking to upgrade their roster are as follows. . .

With the emergence of the newly coveted Brooklyn Nets, the have already acquired Joe Johnson and are looking to re-sign Deron Williams to star alongside with, as well as a supporting cast of Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez. . .BUT their has been some trade talks involving Lopez and Kris Humphries going over to Orlando for arguably the best center in the league right now, Dwight Howard.  This trade will not only solidify the return of Deron Williams--who is also involved in talks with the Dallas Mavericks--but will also give them a starting line up that will eve make the defending Miami Heat shudder. . .

Steve Nash is looking to go EAST baby!  He has already met with the Toronto Raptors, and the New York Knicks. . . which will have him either playing alongside longtime teammate Amar'e Stoudemire, or back home in Canada mate lol. Either team will be more than happy with Nash.  But if he signs with the Knicks, where does that leave Jeremy Lin and other point guards traded to the team last year, to name a couple, Baron Davis and Mike Bibby??? Which is why just to be safe Jeremy Lin will be shopping around. . .

Lin actually had a meeting with the Houston Rockets today 07/03/2012.  No news yet. . . but it looks like he's trying to see how much the rest of the NBA is interested in his bursting personality and energy he brings to the game and on the court. Talks that the Lakers are interested in him have emerged and this will be my dream come true!  Linsanity in LA yay yayy!

The Lakers are also looking to trade Bynum for Howard. . . and their are plenty of teams looking for Pau Gasol to join their roster. . . looks like the Lakers are all ears.  There is more to come with the Lakers and other teams during the off-season. . . we'll just have to wait and see what actually goes through :).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to the topic at hand. . .Lakers

Okay so where was I. . . oh yeah. . . the Lakers shot over 60% in the first half and 47 % for the entire game.  Andrew Bynum dominated the boards with 17 rebounds, out rebounding everyone, and Kobe did Kobe :). 

Shannon Brown can fly yes. . . it is definitely been proven.

Artest had an impressive block on George Hill, afterwards flaunting a little bit, flexing lol.  If the Lakers ever looked like a team ready for a third ring, it's now.  They snapped the Spurs 22 home game winning streak in which the last time they lost was in November, and gave the Spurs one of only twelve loses for the season, which is still very impressive.  But they did it in such a way that well if you were watching the game it made a statement.  Being a huge Lakers fan I must say, it is a joy to see them play at such a level of high intensity. 
Anyways the Lakers have a tough road trip ahead this week,  Tuesday they'll be in Atlanta facing Al Horford and the rest of the Hawks, followed by their game at Miami on Thursday which is definitely a game you don't wanna miss.  The Heat have only won to the Lakers of the top 5 teams this season, and are currently on somewhat of a losing streak. . . they don't wanna lose, and neither do the Lakers.  This is definitely a game to watch on Thursday on ESPN at 7PM ET.  You do not wanna miss.  After that, the Lakers head back to the southwest on Saturday, to go up against the Dallas Mavericks, who currently hold the number two record in the league. Then they start their week off with a game on Monday at Orlando. . .I'm hoping for a sweep in those upcoming games, which will put the Lakers on a 10 game winning streak and a number two seed in the western conference.  I'm def getting ahead of myself but with the way they've been playing there is much to be expected.  But, we shall see, go Lakers :). 


Bulls vs. Heat
Lakers vs. Spurs

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Games!!!!

So many games on this Sunday to recap. . . but I just got a few games highlighted in this blog.  First off let's talk about the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls game.  I'm pretty much non-bias in this match-up but because of my competitiveness it would have been nice to see the Miami Heat take this, being down 0-2 in this match-up at the start of the game.  Unlike some other games on today (Lakers vs. Spurs) this game was one that had you on the edge of your seat.  They went out fighting and this game literally came down to the last seconds!  But, if you were watching like me, you would have noticed a generous foul call given by the refs to the Chicago Bulls.  Yes I said it! Let's be forreal any real basketball fan or player, very much so knows you DO NOT make a miscall like such in the last few seconds of the game! And they did giving the Bulls two more foul shots in which they only made one of those two.  However, the Miami Heat had a couple of more opportunities to win the game but unfortunately could not pull it off.  15.9 seconds is definitely enough time to make a shot. . . . any shot at that.  I mean at least draw the foul you know? But, neither James nor Wade could make their shots fall. . . .which resulted to a Bulls sweep in this season's match-up.  It was a good game nonetheless, but let's be forreal. . . the Miami Heat have got to do better.  Since the all-star break they have lost four of their last five games, three of them in a row.  You def expect better from this potential play-off team.  But moving on to. . .

The Lakers vs. Spurs game. . . yes yes yes, this was the most dominating game on tv today.  The Lakers held the Spurs to 34-13 in the first quarter and a 28 point lead at the half with the score being 65-37.  The Spurs never had a chance, the Lakers' defense was outstanding this game.  Not to mention they only had 2 turnovers in the first half.  They are now on a 6 game winning streak with a tough match-up ahead. . .

To be continued. . . .

Friday, March 4, 2011

Recap of Heat and Magic game

99-96. . . Magic. Yesterday's game was definitely summarized in my previous post!  The Heat came out strong, they lead by as many as 24 points by the half. . . .however. . . The Magic came out with something to prove the 2nd half.  All the defensive mistakes that were made and turnovers committed in the 1st half. . . yeah not so much the 2nd half. . . . Just like I thought. . . . Jameer Nelson had an outstanding performance but can you say Jason Richadson??? This guy had 6 out of 8 three-pointers!  It was the defensive effort put forth by the Magic, combined with some amazing offense, and capitalizing on the careless mistakes made by the Miami Heat.

The Heat haven't much to worry about in this lost though.  They have a 2-2 record vs. the Magic, and still have a    43-18 record the 2nd best on the east and let's be forreal one of the best records in the league.  If the playoffs started tomorrow, they'd still be in a better position than the Magic, and pretty good squad to go along with. Not taking anything from the Magic, who have the number 4 spot, and are finally playing back on the caliber as they were in 2009 when they went to the Finals.  But much is left in this season, about a month and half and a little less than 20 games. . . .much to be determined.

Many good games on tonight including the Lakers who must redeem themselves vs. the Charlotte Bobcats at 10:30 PM NBA LP.  But first the Bulls take on the Magic in Orlando tonight at 7PM ET on ESPN followed by the Heat at the Spurs at 9:30 PM ET on ESPN!  LET'S GO LAKERS!  
Check out this video from NBA.com  of a recap of last night's game :).


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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic 8PM ET TNT

Tonight the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic will be playing for the fourth and final time this season.  The Miami Heat lead this season's match up with two wins over the Magic 96-70 and 104-100.  They recently acquired Mike Bibby from the Washington Wizards who was waived after being traded for Devon Harris from the New Jersey Nets.  Carlos Arroyo was released from his contract on Tuesday which cleared a spot  on the bench for this trade.  Bibby might be exactly what the Heat need.  They recently lost to the New York Knicks which made their record 13-14 with teams above .500.  His intensity on the court might be the perfect match with the rest of the Heat. . .

On the other end of the spectrum the Orlando Magic's win of 104-95 was highlighted with many Miami Heat mistakes. . . careless turnovers, and not playing the game all the way out.  And with Jameer Nelson's recent breakout games it might be just what they need.  This game is going to be the game to watch tonight! 

The best in Florida is yet to be determined. . . .